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YSC statement against racism

Youth Science Canada exists to enable Canadian youth to investigate scientific questions and develop innovative solutions related to current and future challenges – all Canadian youth.

We believe that discrimination against Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPoC) – or discrimination of any kind – should not be tolerated.

We take this seriously and have committed in our Ends statement to ensuring that all Canadian youth have the inspiration, resources and opportunities that enable them to complete STEM project(s), regardless of cultural background, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. This includes a commitment to proactively and equitably engaging, developing and recognizing all youth and removing systemic barriers to STEM opportunities that exist for BIPoC youth across Canada.

We acknowledge that institutional racism and white privilege linger in our society including in formal and informal educational settings and in the workplace. There is room for improvement and proactive action on our part to foster a more inclusive and diverse community, both internally and externally. We aspire to do better to ensure that racial injustice has no place in our organization and STEM in Canada.

We recognize that this is a long-term commitment that starts with listening. In true scientific fashion, we will begin by asking questions and collecting data and then move quickly to recommendations, education and action. To that end, we will begin by establishing an inclusive task group to investigate the extent to which discrimination exists in YSC programs, resources and events.

We need to look critically at how our organization and network operates and the assumptions that we make. We need to educate ourselves and do better at supporting and empowering BIPoC youth, colleagues and partners. Everyone associated with YSC has the right to succeed by being who they are.

We will identify key areas to strengthen our commitment to anti-racism policies and practices in the workplace and in our workshops. These include:

  • Examining and revising staff and volunteer recruitment practices as needed to build a more inclusive and representative team
  • Reviewing our current communications and marketing practices for equity and diversity
  • Identifying ways to provide more opportunities through our programs and events for BIPoC youth to participate in STEM projects

We stand in solidarity with the call for action to deliver meaningful change.

We welcome ideas and feedback on how we can do better as a national charity and network of affiliated organizations that strives to enable all Canadian youth through STEM projects.

Reni Barlow
Executive Director