Innovation & Creativity through Inquiry

By 'Walking the Talk', you will participate in a series of strategies that will guide you through the process of turning your teaching into a more Inquiry-focused approach. Brainstorm novel approaches to your current teaching. Turn practise questions for your learners into inquiry challenges. Learn how to 'tweak' your current favorites into inquiry explorations.

Assessment & Evaluation of Inquiry

How do you assess inquiry? Participants learn how to assess 'for, of and as' learning of the 35 inquiry process skills and how to focus on the process as well as the curriculum content. Learn how to co-create assessment with your learners and how to focus on delivering and assessing the 'Big Ideas' in your curriculum.

Introduction to Smarter Science

In this workshop, designed for beginners, educators will learn about the 35 inquiry process skills in the Smarter Science Framework and how to use the Steps to Inquiry strategy to help students plan and implement their own investigations. Throughout the day, participants will learn how to scaffold the inquiry process from Level 1 to Level 4. Many demo's and ideas to stimulate your thinking!