About YSC

Established in 1966, Youth Science Canada fuels the curiosity of Canadian youth through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects. We work to ensure that Canadian youth have the capacity and skills to generate and answer questions and identify and solve problems.

To this end, we help to provide a variety of opportunities for interested youth to get involved in exciting and imaginative inquiry and project-based science. More than 8,000 dedicated volunteers nationwide help us to achieve this. And thanks to these combined efforts, every year in Canada, more than 500,000 bright, inquisitive minds get involved in project-based science — about the same number of Canadian youth as are registered in minor hockey. These young science enthusiasts are Canada’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to play a key role in inspiring these emerging science leaders to explore the world of science and to choose a career in Canada in science and science-related fields such as engineering and technology.

We are the leading youth STEM project organization in the country and the Canada-Wide Science Fair is the foremost annual youth STEM event in Canada. We encourage schools, teachers, parents, corporations, and governments across the country too, inviting them to join us in engaging, mentoring and supporting Canada’s young scientists. We are firmly committed to building Canada as a science and innovation nation.

Mission and vision

Staff Team

The staff team is passionate about the power of STEM projects to engage young Canadians and foster a nation of researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Our expertise includes STEM education and outreach; curriculum development; non-profit and education leadership; event, meeting and conference planning; teacher training; financial management; traditional and digital communications; and scientific research.

Reni Barlow

Executive Director

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 1

Lori Murray

Administrative Assistant

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 0

Melina Found

Youth STEM Project Development Director

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 2

Julia McDevitt

CWSF Fair Director

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 4

Liette Philippe

CWSF Travel Plan, STEM Expo & Outreach Manager

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 3

Stuart McKelvie

Manager, Communications

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 5

Dominic Tremblay

French Services, Smarter Science Trainer

[email protected] (866) 341-0040 ext 6

Sean Cotnam

Account Director – Torchia Communications

[email protected] 416-341-9929 ext 323

Accountability & Transparency

Youth Science Canada is accredited under Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program


Ethical Behaviour & Complaints

Youth Science Canada expects highly ethical behaviour from all staff and volunteers working for and on its behalf. This expectation is described in Youth Science Canada policies.