Background Materials

CWSF – 60th Anniversary Media Kit

Key messaging for Youth Science Canada (YSC), the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), and the 60th anniversary
An introduction to the purpleSTEMwave concept and campaign
Information on social media for YSC and CWSF
Brief instructions on the three versions of the CWSF 2022 – 60th anniversary logo
A link to images of past CWSFs
Contacts for media relations and social media
A brief overview of YSC

60 Years of CWSF Infographic

CWSF highlights and photos
Alumni spotlights
Selected locations and numbers
Bilingual – English and French

CWSF 2022 – 60th Anniversary Logos

The CWSF 60th anniversary logo is available in three versions – medallion, compact, and wide; three colours – colour, white, and black; and two formats – PNG for digital and web use and PDF for print use. Use the buttons below to download the zip file(s) for the version(s) best suited to your application(s).

2022 medallion_RGB


Use where a square or circular logo is required. As the medallion does not include the text “60 Years”, it should only be used in materials that are clearly related to the 60th anniversary.



Use where a smaller/narrower or more vertical logo is required. The compact logo can be used to represent the event and the anniversary in a variety of applications.



Use where a wider or more horizontal logo is required. The wide logo can be used to represent the event and the anniversary in a variety of applications.

Launch Event – March 16, 2022

Watch the CWSF 2022 – 60th Anniversary Launch Event held on March 16, 2022.