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YSC Online STEM Fair Project Entry Deadline Extended

Some things never change. Even during a global pandemic, students work right to the last minute.

A flurry of project entries a few hours before tonight’s deadline overloaded the YSC Online STEM Fair web site, causing delays, time-outs and frustration. At one point, nearly 500 students were trying to enter or update their projects simultaneously. “We’ve almost doubled the number of servers we have running, but are still seeing issues.” says Renata Vaccaro of, developer and host of ProjectBoard. “We regret the inconvenience, but we’re thrilled that the YSC Online STEM Fair is proving to be so popular – it’s a great problem to have.” says Reni Barlow, executive director of Youth Science Canada. He notes, “We want to ensure that every student can enter their project, so we’re extending the deadline by 24 hours – to midnight PDT at the end of Tuesday, May 19.”

As a result, the site will open to the public 24 hours later – on Wednesday, May 20.

We can’t wait to see all the projects!