Eligibility & Important Dates

To be eligible for Team Canada-ISEF you must be:

  • a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • currently attending grade 9-12 or, in Québec, secondaire III, IV, V or Cégep

You can submit any project that presents research conducted during any continuous 12 month period between January and May of the following year.

Under the ISEF International Rules & Guidelines, all projects in the following areas must be reviewed by a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) before they are started: vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents (including work with microbial fuel cells) and controlled substances. An Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review all projects involving human subjects before they are started. Specific forms must be signed and dated to verify this process. The use of animals, human subjects and hazardous substances is strictly controlled. Team Canada-ISEF applicants must adhere to all rules, and must send their forms to the Youth Science Canada SRC for approval.

  • You must apply by midnight Pacific Time at the end of December 15
  • A short-list of candidates will be selected by January 15
  • Final submissions must be received by Sunday March 3, 2024
  • Team Canada-ISEF will be selected on Sunday March 17, 2024

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