Sajeev standing in front of brick building

From Googly-Eyed Robots to Gene Editing with Sajeev Kohli – Alumni Profile

Sajeev is busy addressing a range of issues facing different groups of people around the world, and his experiences with science fairs have shaped the way he’s able to think deeply about a range of subjects. We chatted with Sajeev about his adventures in STEM, here’s what he had to say.  

Jackson Weir in front of science fair project

Using Science to Improve the World with Jackson Weir – Alumni Profile

After science fair shaped the way he sees the world, Jackson is letting his curiosity guide his work in addressing the enormous challenge that is cancer treatment. We chatted with Jackson about his adventures in STEM, here’s what he had to say. 

Kelcie at Bayer Youth Ag Summit

Advocating for Diversity with Kelcie Miller-Anderson – Alumni Profile

Science fair is full of surprises, and even when life takes unexpected directions, it’s the same curiosity & mindset which you can take with you along the journey. We chatted with Kelcie about her adventures in STEM, here’s what she had to say.

Biogas production and teleophthalmology top this year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair best project awards

Seven students take top honours among 337 outstanding STEM projects

YSC Online STEM Fair selected as Falling Walls Engage 2020 finalist

The 2020 YSC Online STEM Fair has been selected as a finalist in the Science Engagement category for Falling Walls Engage 2020.

Congratulations to Nicholas Johnson

Congratulations to Nicholas Johnson, CWSF 2011 alumnus, on becoming first Black valedictorian in Princeton history

CWSF Alumnus works on designs for protective gear during COVID-19 pandemic

Cyril Mani is working with a team of fellow McGill students to design protective gear for health-care professionals