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February Newsletter – Nurturing Motivation in Your STEM Journey

Hey there, aspiring innovators,

Picture a bright morning sun casting its golden rays over a bustling city as the streets hum with the promise of a new day. In the heart of this vibrant landscape, a young scientist sits at their desk, surrounded by textbooks, notes, and the faint glow of their laptop screen. Their passion for unravelling the mysteries of the universe burns brightly, yet, like any journey, it’s not without its challenges. There are moments of doubt, setbacks that test their resolve, and days when the light of inspiration seems to dim. But our scientist knows that motivation is the engine that drives them forward, the beacon that guides them through the darkness.

Motivation is more than just a fleeting feeling; it’s the inner fire that fuels your dreams and propels you toward your goals. It’s the force that compels you to push through obstacles, overcome setbacks, and persist in the pursuit of your passions. Maintaining motivation is a journey in itself—a delicate dance of perseverance, self-discovery, and self-care. Whether it’s setting clear goals, celebrating small victories, or surrounding yourself with a supportive community, nurturing your motivation is key to unlocking your full potential in STEM and beyond.

Now, let’s bring the theme of motivation into your daily life. Challenge yourself to cultivate and maintain your passion for STEM projects by incorporating motivation-boosting practices into your routine. Whether it’s starting a gratitude journal, creating a vision board, or setting aside time for self-reflection and goal setting, make a commitment to fueling your inner fire.


💬 Discussion of the Month 🗨️

In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, what ethical considerations should be taken into account when developing and deploying AI systems? How can we ensure these technologies benefit society as a whole?

Let me know your thoughts by emailing me or joining the discussion in the purpleSTEMwave Discord server or on our social media.


STEM Opportunities

I’ve collected some upcoming STEM opportunities that you might be interested in:

  • London International Youth Science Forum – July 24-August 7, United Kingdom
    We’re collecting expressions of interest from students aged 16-21 who want to attend LIYSF 2024. Learn more and register here.
  • YorkU March Break Science Camp – March 11-15, Toronto
    Register for a week-long day camp full of hands-on, interactive, and innovative activities at York University. Register here.
  • Earth Science for Society Exhibition 2024 – March 17-19, Calgary
    Students, families, youth groups and the public are invited to explore the wonders of Earth science. Learn more here.
  • Youth STEAM Innovation Challenge – March 23, Edmonton
    YSIC is an interdisciplinary competition for junior high school students across STEM challenges. Learn more here.


If you know of other upcoming events, opportunities or programs for Canadian youth interested in STEM, I’d love for you to send me an email or submit it here.



Elizabeth Chen, our CWSF 2024 Best Project: Discovery award winner, has been profiled by Reader’s Digest Canada! Her STEM project made groundbreaking strides in cancer research by using data-mining techniques to enhance the effectiveness of CAR T-cell therapy for leukemia patients. Her passion for STEM and dedication to overcoming challenges highlight a remarkable journey from self-education to international acclaim. Read the interview here.


Fun Stuff That’s Caught My Attention Recently

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As you nurture your motivation, remember that your passion is the compass that will guide you toward your dreams. With each step you take, let the flame of inspiration light your path and illuminate the possibilities that lie ahead.

Share your motivation-boosting practices, and let’s keep the fire of passion alive together!


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