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Meet the 2024 CWSF Ambassadors: Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists!

Youth Science Canada is thrilled to announce the team of remarkable young alumni selected as the 2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) ambassadors. These exceptional individuals, hailing from across Canada, embody the spirit of championing scientific inquiry in youth. As role models, they will inspire and engage with participants at the 2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair held in Ottawa from May 26-31, sharing their experiences, insights, and passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


Ambassadors Overview:

The 2024 CWSF ambassadors have been chosen for their outstanding achievements in previous science fairs, their contributions to their communities, and their ability to inspire others. Each ambassador brings a unique perspective to the table, along with a shared commitment to promoting curiosity in STEM among Canadian youth.


Meet the Ambassadors:

Madelaine Lazurko from Saskatchewan will coordinate the ambassador team at CWSF 2024.

Left to right, top to bottom in photo.

  • Madelaine Lazurko – Ambassador Coordinator: With a passion for science ignited in the small town of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Madelaine Lazurko returns as this year’s Ambassador Coordinator after participating as a CWSF finalist and ambassador in previous years. Her extensive experience in geological engineering and love for rocks and Harry Potter make her a fascinating mentor for this year’s participants.
  • Amber Duynisveld: Amber, hailing from Halifax, is a grad student in Gerontology with a keen interest in aging, long-term care, and caregiving. As a former CWSF finalist and a cat mom who loves baking, she’s excited to inspire this year’s finalists with her enthusiasm for science and life.
  • Anabela Cotovio: Representing York Region as a previous CWSF finalist, Anabela (Bela) is currently completing her Masters in Health Sciences in Translational Research at UofT. Her dedication to health innovation and working with vulnerable populations, along with her love for spin classes and dancing, make her an inspiring figure for all attendees.
  • Bianka Dusseault: Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Bianka is a McGill University student-athlete with a rich background in international research on marine ecology and sustainable development. Her excitement to learn and share makes her a valuable resource for participants looking for inspiration in science and beyond.
  • Braxton Chan: Originally from Cranbrook, BC, Braxton is a third-year cellular neuroscience student at UBC with a passion for outdoor sports and pursuing post-secondary education. Having been a CWSF finalist for four years, he is eager to share his journey and support participants through their own.
  • Emily Goodson: A CWSF veteran and ambassador from Southern Ontario, Emily is currently studying Environmental Science at Guelph University, with a deep love for bees, nature, and music. Her rural upbringing and diverse interests promise a relatable and encouraging presence for finalists.
  • Gerone Dimalanta: Gerone, from Regina, Saskatchewan, brings his vibrant enthusiasm back to CWSF as an ambassador, soon to graduate with a degree in French Education and a background in science. His goal to inspire the next generation and his experience as a French tutor and dance teacher highlight his multifaceted approach to science education.
  • Hayden Persad: With multiple CWSF participations as a finalist and ambassador, Hayden’s passion for science is matched by his love for skiing and trail exploration. From the small town of Creston, BC, he embodies the spirit of adventure and curiosity that drives scientific inquiry.
  • Rebecca Baron: A CWSF finalist with roots in Vancouver and Montreal, Rebecca is currently navigating between MPH and PhD programs in perinatal medicine. Her love for skiing, hiking, and podcasting adds to her dynamic approach to improving maternal health outcomes.
  • Shaan Baig: Shaan, originally from Brossard, Quebec, and now studying Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, brings an international perspective to this year’s CWSF. His dedication to research, coupled with a love for hockey, lacrosse, and family, showcases the balance between scientific excellence and personal passions.
  • Jessica Yemen: A three-time CWSF finalist from Petawawa, Ontario, Jessica is pursuing her passion for biology and physiology at McMaster University. An outdoor enthusiast and country music fan, she’s excited to meet this year’s finalists and dive into their projects.
  • Zoe Gagnon: With her background in Neuroscience and current research in Neurobiology at Brock University, Zoe has a profound interest in the brain’s capabilities. Her experience living in California for an internship, alongside hobbies like basketball and hiking, makes her a well-rounded mentor eager to engage with CWSF participants.


Ambassadors’ Role at the CWSF:

Throughout the 2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair, the Ambassadors will participate in various events, including workshops, keynote speeches, and mentorship sessions. They will share their scientific journey, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their vision for the future of STEM. Their stories will undoubtedly motivate the next generation of Canadian scientists and innovators.


Youth Science Canada is proud to support these young ambassadors as they represent the best of the Canadian youth STEM community. Their achievements and dedication to making a positive impact through supporting youth in STEM are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing the influence they will have on the participants of Canada’s largest youth STEM event and beyond.

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