About YSC

Varsha Jayasankar

Board Vice-Chair

University of Guelph Graduate Student

I’m not your typical board member. I’m a 25-year-old medical student, a woman of colour, and an immigrant–my identity and experiences allow me to understand and represent many of YSC’s beneficiaries. An alum of YSC’s programs including 1 TC-ISEF and 4 CWSFs, these experiences developed inquiry, collaboration, and communication skills that make me an effective scientist but also help in the role of a board member. Since 2018, I’ve been a member of BASEF’s organizing committee, and a part of the strategy refresh team; the perspectives I provided to the regional group can benefit the national strategy as well. I’ve researched the benefits of STEM in undergrad and spoke about it to various stakeholders; discussions and data that I can bring to the board.