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Nika Elmi

Board Member

Executive Research Coordinator, 

A former CWSF Ambassador, alumnus, and judge, Nika Elmi is a population health researcher committed to social justice through education, research, and advocacy. As a researcher in the Center for Public Health and Human Rights at Johns Hopkins University, Nika used epidemiology to explore barriers to care for marginalized and often excluded populations including sexual minorities, incarcerated populations, and individuals experiencing homelessness. She practiced these skills at the World Health Organization where she analyzed barriers to postnatal care for migrant mothers, and at the International Rescue Committee, where she contributes to health programming in response to humanitarian crises. In her community, Nika volunteers as a sexual assault crisis line responder, and is a former HIV counsellor at detention centers and methadone maintenance clinics. Nika believes in the need to reduce barriers to STEM programming for youth, and hopes to apply her practice in public health to build a more resilient and prosperous STEM system for all.