About YSC

Elaine Ma

Board Member

Family Physician, Kingston, ON

Dr. Elaine Ma is a family physician in Kingston and on Wolfe Island.  She is the Lead Physician of Frontenac Islands Family Health Organization. She is a past finalist at one Canada-Wide Science Fair and three International Science and Engineering Fairs. In past years, Elaine served in various roles on her Regional Science Fair Committee, including Chair and delegate to seven Canada-Wide Science Fairs. She also served for three years on the National Science Fair Committee as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair. Elaine was a member of the Board of Directors from 2015 to 2010, and then rejoined the Board in 2017. Elaine is passionate about providing opportunities for Canadian youth, and ensure that opportunities exist for her children. She believes that the best way to do that is for Youth Science Canada to be an effective organization, and as such, has a particular interest in policy and management within the organization.