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2024 Distinguished Service Award Recipients Announced

Youth Science Canada is pleased to announce the eight recipients of its 2024 Distinguished Service Award. The Awards annually recognize up to ten volunteers and staff who have made an outstanding contribution, through innovation, long service, or leadership, to the organization or its programs at any level. Nominations are submitted by any two volunteers or staff at any level (by January 31) and selection of the recipients is made by the Board of Directors.

Congratulations to:

Top – left to right:

  • Dana Bee, Hamilton ON
  • Jane Berrigan, Bridgewater NS
  • Stefane Filion, Fenwick ON
  • Jenn Parrott, Inuvik NT

Bottom – left to right:

  • Lois Peterson, Waterloo ON
  • Paula Piilonen, Dunrobin ON
  • Wendy Shaw, Kitchener ON
  • Katrina Watson, Calgary AB


Recipients receive a crystal award, which is usually presented at a regional STEM fair or the Canada-Wide Science Fair.


Discover the inspiring stories and achievements of our Distinguished Service Award winners by visiting our dedicated profiles page.

Meet the winners