Recommended email addresses for students end in,, or

You must be able to check your email; do not use

Teacher parents and principals should note all communication for registered students goes to their email addresses.

An email address can only be used one time to register one student.

Step 1. Create a YSC Portal Account
  • If you have a YSC Portal account, please log in below
  • If you do not have a YSC Portal account, create one using the form below:
  • checkxysc-star
  • If you have a project partner, they need to create a separate YSC Portal account. Later, both accounts can be linked to the project.
  • The same email and password will be used for Project Board and mySTEMspace
  • Please note that Passwords must have at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, and a one number

Step 2. Create your project 

  • Digital projects are encouraged using ProjectBoard
  • Physical three-fold boards are also allowed
  • All projects require a title page and summary on ProjectBoard (even paper-based)
  • Paper-based projects need to be transported to our advanced-judging location on time TBD.

The video, Creating your project on ProjectBoard will guide you through the process.

Step 3: Submit your project to the Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair

Be sure your digital project is set to “Public mode,” otherwise you will not be able to link it in the YSC Portal.

If you have a project partner, be sure you have added them to the project as a Co-Owner using the red + under Team in the project Summary area on ProjectBoard.

The video, Submitting your project to a Regional STEM Fair will guide you through the process.

Here is a step-by-step guide