Schools and Judges


Please register as a judge by clicking here

Here is a link to the judging score sheet

Here is a video of a judging tutorial


Students will not be entered in the regional fair unless they are endorsed as representing their school

  • Each participating school may nominate up to 10% of their top projects to the Regional Fair
  • Each school should check  for academic integrity before endorsing a project
    • Software will be used to assess plagiarism and self-plagiarism for all regional participants
  • Participation in the Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair is $40 per student from public schools and $60 per student from home and independent schools
  • Please click here if you wish to apply to the BC Science Fair Foundation for financial aid
  • There is a new Science-in-Art category students may participate in
    • Students will complete a brief before and after survey on Project Board if they register in this category
    • Please see attached poster by Clicking Here
    • Students and teachers may apply for up to $500 if they wish to integrate the arts into their science fair project Application form. Click here to Download the Form