CBSN Phase I – Project proposals 2023-24, grouped by challenge areas

Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


project helps ensure food security, sustainability or competitiveness in agriculture, fisheries or food production.

–  Can we survive without greenhouses?




Digital Technology

Project helps improve our quality of life or transform existing products and services through digital devices, methods or systems

–  The Perfect Sprinter: How AI can support our next generation of athletes

–   DIY Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Charger

–  Facts & Fakes Project Board

–  Leveling the Playing Field: Using AI to Combat the Issue of Brain Drain


Disease and Illness


Project helps enhance our diagnosis, treatment or understanding of disease, or the management of physical or mental illness

–  Copper Toxicity to Mold and/or Bacteria

–  Pill Smart



–  Synthesizing a biodegradable photopolymerized ceramic to minimize tumour growth

–  What degree of sports activity do young athletes achieve following knee LSS for osteosarcoma?

Heart attack App


Project helps improve our use of current energy sources, enable the transition to alternative energy sources, or reduce our energy footprint

–  Battery Disposal Robot

–  Piezoelectric energy generation

–  Customizing A Solar Tracker For The Winter Time

Personal Portable windmills

The Solar Wind Lighthouse


Environment and Climate Change


Project helps ensure the quality of water, air, soil or the diversity of living things, or manage the impact of climate change

–  Eco-Life smart app

–  Ocean Life Under a Microscope | The Science of Ocean Alkalinity

The Green sheet

–  Is the water safe to drink? The rapid test is the missing link!

The Solar Water Heater



Health and Wellness

Project helps prevent disease or promote physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, or intellectual wellbeing


–  Academic related stress in adolescents

–  Experimenting with Sports

–  Super Strength Serum

–  Unraveling the mystery of ACL Injuries: A Quest for Understanding, in Sports Injuries

–   What impact do different categories of music have on us, both physically and mentally?

–   Exploring the Impact of Variables on Addiction Rates and Predicting Outcomes: A COBWEB Approach

Biochemlogical Blast: Do organisms on everyday surfaces go to die or not?

Natural Resources


Project helps ensure the sustainable management, use, reuse or recycling of Earth’s finite or renewable natural resource

–  Eco-Fresh Water Solutions

AquaHarbor EcoFlush system




Curiosity and Ingenuity

Project helps improve our understanding or address a problem in an area of STEM not covered by the other challenges

–  STEM Fair Project Slime molds

–  The Corrosion of Metals

–  Empowering Education: Exploring Technology-Based Solutions for Education in Developing Countries


Projects 2022-23

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