You can help us to support and inspire the next generation of Black STEMM scholars!

We are seeking mentorship for students in grades 7 through 12 who are developing science fair projects.
Students are supported by our outreach education partners, but also benefit from mentorship from STEM professionals or trainees. Mentors can also be be teachers, parents or, sometimes, other students. Mentors help students conduct research and gain knowledge pertaining to their project, and sometimes provide access to specialized equipment.
Spark ideas using this great tool: Spark ideas or refine existing ones
You may serve as an online mentor regardless of where you are in the country.
We also seek to connect students to mentors in their region where possible to allow direct support for infrastructure or equipment needs.

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Mentorship Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be strictly adhered to:

  •  Always keep in mind that the project is the student’s and not the mentor’s. It is the student’s role, and not the mentor’s, to conceive the project’s specific topic.
  • All data taking and analysis of the data must be the student’s own, unless the student does not present it as his or her own and credits the actual data taker properly. When mentors take over these responsibilities, they deprive students of valuable learning experiences.
  •  If a project has been mentored, it should be declared in the references and or bibliography in the accompanying project report/abstract
  • The student must be knowledgeable in the subject/project, and can answer all questions about information they’ve presented in the project.