Other STEM Opportunities

The Renfrew County Regional Science Fair prides itself on developing students skills through inquiry-based learning, with developing students abilities to apply the scientific method, comprehend scientific concepts, communicate effectively and effectively analyze data. We do this while having a great time with interactive activities and fun events.

However, we are committed to developing Renfrew County students’ proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in any way possible, not just through science fairs. As such, we use this page to link to other good resources for students and teachers in STEM. Here are some of them:

  • STEM/STEAM Teaching and Learning
    • Resource for teachers, made by local Renfrew County teachers for STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) teaching!
  • Canada Learning Code Week
    • held in early June, resources available year-round
    • Interactive activities for teachers and individuals on website
    • No previous coding experience required!
  • Code Club Canada
    • Materials to create an after-school coding club, for ages 8 to 12, with free projects and ideas
    • No previous coding experience required!
  • Little Inventors
    • School challenges for science and innovation!
  • MILSET – movement inernational pour le laisir scientifique et technique
    • Grade 9 and higher
    • Non-competitive global events held every 2 years
    • costs approximately – ~$2500
    • CWSF finalists from any year can apply (any regional fair grand prize winner from ANY year – even if you won in Grade 7 or 8)
  • SHAD
    • “SHAD was the perfect next step from my experience at CWSF.” – Rebecca Baron, CWSF Platinum Award Winner 2015   “I truly believe SHAD has opened my eyes, showing me that I am not alone in the pursuit of excellence, and that there are brilliant youth all over the country who aspire to do the same” – Austin Wang, SHAD’14 and winner of top prize at Intel International Science & Engineering Fair ($75K)
    • If you know of a student who enjoyed their time working on their science fair projects, then please encourage them to apply to SHAD this fall! SHAD is a summer enrichment program that allows high potential high school students the opportunity to spend the month of July living in one of 13 host university campuses. Participants will engage in workshops, lectures, labs, challenges in Science, Technology, Engineering, Business and Leadership and build a tightly-knit community with like-minded peers from across the country. SHAD is an immersive learning experience that also provides students with lifelong access to a powerful alumni network as well as a recognized credential when applying to universities and major scholarships. The application for SHAD opens in early-September and closes in late-November. Visit: www.shad.ca to learn more!
  • Students on Ice (SOI)
    • Educational exhibition to polar regions – Arctic and Antarctic
    • For high school students who demonstrate academic ability, leadership, community involvement and the desire to make a difference.
    • It is NOT a vacation, there is significant work to be done before, during and after the expedition.
    • There are also scholarships available on the website.
  • Team Canada – ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair)
    • Grades 9 to 12 only
    • Applications open in mid-October, proposal due December 15, Phone interviews in March
    • ISEF is held mid-May in the United States
    • $4 million in prizes, scholarships, trips
    • 1800 students from 75 countries
    • Students should receive an invite after attending CWSF but you don’t need to attend a national fair to apply to ISEF

If you have an event or group you’d like added to this list, especially one local to Renfrew County, please contact [email protected].