Welcome to MSSS Registration 2024!  Registrations will close April 15th, 2024.  Please ensure all of your forms are complete, you are

registered online with Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

and your fees are paid by April 15th.

No late registrations will be accepted.

Make sure to complete and mail/email the following form as part of your registration:

MSSS permission form:

Make sure to read over and complete the following forms (where applicable) as part of your registration process.

If you need guidance on Safety and Ethics with respect to your project, please go to the following site for more information: 

Safety and Ethics – mySTEMspace | mySTEMspace

You Must Register Online to “Manitoba Schools Science Symposium” below:

For Grades 4-6 participants:

You must register with MSSS. You are required to create a Science Fair Project Backboard Display for your in-person presentation at the MSSS event.  No online ProjectBoard is required.

For Grades 7-12 participants:

You must register with MSSS and create a ProjectBoard account/page (for those who did not participate in 2021 and 2022)
Log in to your account from last year in order to post your project virtually.  Go to this link for a Step-by-Step Guide:

For more information on how to create your project go to Project Entry Guide-EN

We recommend you check out the information/resources in the following resource page (remember to scroll down) before you begin:  

Please Note: You will be required to provide a back board display of your project for the in-person event at the Max Bell Centre, University of Manitoba.

To register for MSSS, you will need a MSSS Youth Science Portal Account. If you have a project partner, they need to create a separate MSSS YSC Portal account. Later, both accounts can be linked to the project. Make sure your account is registered to Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.

If you participated in MSSS and used the YSC Portal in 2021 or 2022, click the Login link and use the login and password information you used in 2021 and/or 2022.

If you do not have a MSSS YSC Portal account, create one using the link below: 


Grades 4-6 students: no ProjectBoard required

(for Grades 7-12 students using ProjectBoard)

If you have difficulties with your registration, please visit our FAQ page.