Step 1. Create a YSC Portal Account

To register for the Algoma Rotary Science Fair, you need a Youth Science Canada (YSC) Portal account. If you have a project partner, they need to create a separate YSC Portal account. Later, both accounts can be linked to the project.

If you participated in a regional STEM fair that used the YSC Portal or the Canada-Wide Science Fair in 2021, click the Login link in the form below.

If you do not have a YSC Portal account, create one using the form below:


Step 2. Create your project on ProjectBoard

Projects for the Algoma Rotary Science Fair are hosted on ProjectBoard. During the creation of your YSC Portal account, you will also create and validate a ProjectBoard account. Be sure to use the same email address you used for your YSC Portal account for your ProjectBoard account. Once your ProjectBoard account is set up, you can work on your virtual STEM project. The following resources are available to help you:

YSC Virtual STEM Fairs Project Entry Guide – document

Creating your project on ProjectBoard – video


Step 3: Submit your project to the Algoma Rotary Science Fair

Once your project is complete, you can submit it to the Algoma Rotary Science Fair:

Be sure your project is set to “Public mode,” otherwise you will not be able to link it in the YSC Portal.

If you have a project partner, be sure you have added them to the project as a Co-Owner using the red + under Team in the project Summary area on ProjectBoard.

The video, Submitting your project to a Regional STEM Fair will guide you through the process.