1.  Create a YSC Portal Account

To register for the Algoma Rotary Science Fair presented by Tenaris, you need a Youth Science Canada (YSC) Portal account. If you have a project partner, they need to create a separate YSC Portal account. During registration, you will both be required to list your partner.

If you participated in a regional STEM fair that used the YSC Portal or the Canada-Wide Science Fair in 2023, click the Login link in the form below.

If you do not have a YSC Portal account, create one using the form below:


Please note: Only students who are selected to attend Canada Wide Science Fair will need to access ProjectBoard.


2.  Fill out “Registration”

In your Dashboard menu under “Algoma Rotary 2024”, select “Registration”.

Please complete the following forms:

  • General Contact Information
  • School Select
  • Project Board (you will only need to select “submit”, we are not using ProjectBoard at the Rotary Algoma STEM Fair)
  • Project Information
  • Additional Information
  • Registration Confirmation (must be submitted by March 31, 2024)