YSC Chief Judge Operations

1. Organization & Governance
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Brad McCabe
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Thu, Dec 19, 2002
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Mon, Jul 6, 2015
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Wed, Aug 1, 2018
Brad McCabe
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1. Background

This role requires an intimate knowledge of the complete CWSF judging process, including the software.  It is desirable that the incumbent closely shadows the YSC Chief Judge Operations for a minimum of one year prior to being appointed. 

2. YSC Chief Judge Operations Appointment Process

2.1 The Executive Director appoints the YSC Chief Judge Operations on the recommendation of the National Judge-in-Chief. The YSC Chief Judge Operations will usually be an existing member of either NJC or CJAP. The appointment is for three years and can be renewed.  The term begins at the end of the CWSF.

3. YSC Chief Judge Operations Job Description

3.1 Construct the judging timetable for all awards.  Create the judging teams; assign judges to teams; assign the finalists to teams.

3.2 Arrive at the CWSF site early enough to set up the judging room, with all necessary equipment.

3.3 Ensure all the judging-related material is printed, collated and placed in Judging packages.

3.4 Act as the Floor General on judging day. Replace any missing judges. Ensure that the marks are entered on time. Print all the reports needed throughout the day.  Promptly resolve any logistical issues that arise.