NJC - NPAC Liaison

1. Organization & Governance
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Executive Director
Date Approved: 
Thu, Aug 19, 2010
Date Effective: 
Date Last Amended: 
Mon, Jul 6, 2015
Date of Next Review: 
Wed, Aug 1, 2018
Executive Director

1 Appointment

1.1 The person holding the Liaison Position will be appointed to the National Judging Committee (NJC) and the National Policy Advisory Committee (NPAC) for a three year term, once renewable.

1.2 The incumbent will hold a regular voting position on the NJC.

1.3 The incumbent will hold an ex-officio, non-voting position on the NPAC.

1.4 The incumbent will be appointed to the National Ethics Committee.

1.5 The term begins at the end of the CWSF.

1.6 A Request for Interest in the Liaison Position will be posted three months prior to the end of the CWSF which marks the end of incumbent’s term by the Executive Director.

1.7 The selection panel will consist of the Chair of the NJC, the Chair of the NPAC, the Chair of the National Ethics Committee, and the Executive Director.

2 Responsibility

The Liaison member will:

2.1 Attend and participate in all NJC meetings, all CJAP meetings,  and NPAC meetings as appropriate, providing information and perspectives of  the three committees.

2.2 Participate in the deliberations of the National Ethics and Safety Committee.

2.3 At the Canada Wide Science Fair:

  1. Assist with the training of the Ambassadors who provide finalist and delegate support.
  2. Facilitate communication between the delegates and the judging team.
  3. Assist in the orientation of judges with regard to respectful and sensitive interactions with the finalists, and the importance of respecting cultural differences.
  4. Assist in the orientation of finalists with regard to the judging process.
  5. Be available during judging as a resource for the ambassadors, the finalists and the judges.

3 Qualifications

The ideal candidate will:

3.1 Demonstrate superior communication and organizational skills working with youth.

3.2 Have a demonstrated track-record of leadership in Regional Science Fairs.

3.3 Have been a delegate or alternate delegate at least once at the CWSF.

3.4 Have experience judging at a Regional Fair or Canada-Wide Science Fair or equivalent.

3.5 Demonstrate sound knowledge of Human and Animal Ethics.

3.6 Have been a member of NJC or NPAC or equivalent.