National Judge-in-Chief

1. Organization & Governance
Policy Number:
Policy Section: 
Approved by: 
Executive Director
Date Approved: 
Mon, Sep 2, 2002
Date Effective: 
2 October 2002
Date Last Amended: 
Mon, Jul 6, 2015
Date of Next Review: 
Wed, Aug 1, 2018
Executive Director

1 Appointment

1.1 The Executive Director appoints the YSC National Judge in Chief for a three-year term.  The term begins at the end of the CWSF.

2 Responsibility

2.1 The YSC National Judge in Chief is responsible for the integrity and consistency of the judging process in the National Science Fairs Program, including Regional Science Fairs and the CWSF. The National Judge in Chief is responsible for ensuring the consistent application of Youth Science Canada judging policy and procedures at Canada-Wide Science Fairs.

2.2 The YSC National Judge in Chief:

  1. Is the final authority on judging issues for the National Science Fairs Program
  2. Shall be available to the CWSF Chief Judge Recruitment and judging team for consultation during the CWSF.
  3. Chairs the National Judging Committee.
  4. Chairs the CWSF Judging Advisory Panel
  5. Chairs the Grand Awards Committee and selects its membership in consultation with the Executive Director.
  6. Chairs the CWSF Judging Appeal Committee.