CWSF Responsibilities - Delegate/Alternate Delegate

3. Programs
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CWSF Participation
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National Policy Advisory Committee, Executive Director
Date Approved: 
Mon, Mar 5, 2007
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Date Last Amended: 
Tue, Sep 27, 2016
Date of Next Review: 
Thu, Sep 27, 2018
Executive Director

1 Preparation for CWSF

1.1 Delegates should assist finalists in self-nominating for Special Awards. Only those who self-nominate for an award are eligible to receive it.

1.2 Delegates must ensure all necessary forms are received by the registration deadline.) 

1.3 Delegates should examine all project equipment, posters, and reports before shipment to avoid the possibility of disqualification.. If there is doubt about a project, the Ethics, Safety and Animal Care Committee should be consulted. Projects rejected or disqualified will not be displayed at the CWSF.

1.4 Delegates should meet with parents and finalists to get to know each other and share expectations and responsibilities of finalists, delegates, and parents. All dates and deadlines should be communicated, and finalists should be told what to expect at the CWSF.

1.5 Delegates should ensure that finalists are ready and have projects completed, are properly packaged, and all forms and documentation are included with the project. All luggage, projects or other packages must be properly identified with the project ID number.

1.6 Delegates should meet with their RSF committee to review the Delegates Meeting agenda. Delegates must be prepared to express their region’s opinions.

1.7 Any concerns about any particular item should be addressed by the regional coordinator to the region’s Zone Representative as soon as possible, then the zone representative will forward it to Youth Science Canada if necessary.

2 Supervision

2.1 Delegates are responsible for the well being of their finalists. By law, a teacher or supervisor’s responsibility toward the youth in his/her charge is that of a prudent parent. Finalists are away from home, possibly for the first time, so delegates should be diligent and exercise due care, and always be accessible to their Finalists.

2.2 Delegates must control the activity and behaviour of  the finalists and help to uphold all the rules and regulations of the CWSF. If problems arise,  YSC Committee members should be contacted for assistance.

2.3 Delegate or Delegate Designates must accompany finalists during tours. 

3 Participation

3.1 Delegates and alternate delegates are expected to attend and participate fully in all aspects of CWSF including all science fair workshops, forums and meetings where formal and informal discussions will be held.

4 Regional Representation

4.1 Each region may have one voting delegate and/or alternate, at the annual Special General Meeting. In addition, each region must have at least one adult as a chaperon/delegate with the finalists. The delegate of one region may not represent another region at the Special General Meeting. Regions shall certify their delegate when they complete the registration forms for the CWSF.

4.2 A delegate representing his/her regional fair is to represent the region’s opinions and vote at the Special General Meeting. Only the regional delegate and alternate may represent a region and contribute to these discussions (see Special General Meeting at the CWSF). Anyone may attend these meetings as an observer only (may not contribute to discussions). Only the region’s delegate has a vote at the Special General Meeting.

5 Departing CWSF

5.1 Finalists must have their exhibits properly packed and labeled, and ready for shipping.

5.2 Finalists must be accompanied back to their departure location and supervised until the finalist is back under supervision of their legal guardian.

5.3 Delegates must report back to their Regional Science Fair committees. Delegates should pass on any new ideas or suggestions picked up regarding science fairs, and ways to improve their fairs.

6 Miscellaneous

6.1 No region may set up a hospitality room or sell articles at the CWSF, unless they are hosting an upcoming CWSF and wish to promote the event.