CWSF Responsibilities

3. Programs
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Regional Science Fairs
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Executive Director
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Mon, Feb 6, 2006
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Tue, Sep 27, 2016
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Thu, Sep 27, 2018
Executive Director
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1 Responsibilities In Advance of CWSF

1.1 Youth Science Canada’s Responsibilities

  1. Prepare and distribute the CWSF Registration Packages including the CWSF Registration Booklets, the registration forms and awards descriptions. These packages are distributed as online documents.
  2. Coordinate the CWSF Equalized Travel Plan.
  3. Liaise with Host Team, and pass on any pertinent information to the Regions.
  4. Respond to concerns, inquiries and requests from the Regions.
  5. Monitor Regions progress in meeting deadlines, and assist whenever possible.

1.2 Regional Science Fair's Responsibilities

  1. Registration
    1. Regions shall confirm CWSF participant names in the online registration system within 7 days of the end of their regional fair, or April 30, whichever is earlier.
    2. The RSF will submit all fees by the deadline in March set by Youth Science Canada.
    3. The Regional Science Fair will ensure that its participants complete the online registration process and submit forms including project reports by the registration deadline of April 30.
    4. Regions must ensure that delegates, alternates, and support adults have proof of a current criminal record check, or a clear criminal record as a condition of participation in the CWSF.  Regions are required to verify receipt of this proof as part of the CWSF registration process.  

2 Responsibilities at the CWSF

2.1 Youth Science Canada Responsibilities

  1. Awards
    1. The awards for the CWSF are the responsibility of Youth Science Canada, and administered as per Policy 3.1.3 CWSF Awards.
  2. Judging
    1. The judging standards for the CWSF are the responsibility of Youth Science Canada and are supervised and administered by the National Judging Committee.