CWSF Host Organization Fundraising

3. Programs
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CWSF Hosting
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Executive Director
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Fri, Jan 7, 2005
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Wed, Oct 6, 2010
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Thu, Oct 6, 2016
Executive Director

1 Background

1.1 The following policy and procedures were created in a spirit of cooperation and fairness. They are intended to clarify the protocol for CWSF Host Organization fundraising, reduce or eliminate confusion and conflict, and ensure the best possible fundraising results for both Youth Science Canada and CWSF Host Organizations.

2 Definitions

2.1 A sponsor approach is defined as the first or next contact with a sponsor. Where a contact is already established, either through an existing relationship or prior communication, an approach is considered to be the next contact or communication with the sponsor following the awarding of the CWSF.

2.2 A confirmed sponsor is a sponsor with whom a signed agreement is in effect.

2.3 An invitation to approach – by any individual or organization – does not supersede the policy and procedures described herein.

3 Policy

3.1 The Host Organization’s fundraising shall focus on local, regional and provincial funders. Youth Science Canada’s fundraising shall focus on national and international funders. National and international funders comprise companies and organizations with national and/or international scope, profile, market and/or catchment area, including those that have an office and/or operations in the locality, region or province hosting the CWSF.

3.2 The Host Organization shall use Youth Science Canada’s sponsorship framework, including sponsorship levels and associated benefits.

3.3 A Host Organization may provide recognition beyond the national sponsorship levels to accommodate exceptional sponsors or sponsorships. Such recognition must be approved by Youth Science Canada in advance of any affected sponsor approach. If approved, such recognition must be offered to other Host Organization and Youth Science Canada sponsors at the same sponsorship level.

3.4 Youth Science Canada may introduce new sponsorship levels and recognition, including title and presenting sponsorship.

  1. Youth Science Canada shall inform the Host Organization of any such approaches and, if implemented, the Host Organization shall collaborate with Youth Science Canada to implement the required recognition.
  2. Youth Science Canada shall compensate the Host Organization for any documented loss of revenue from a confirmed sponsor that is the direct result of the introduction of a title or presenting sponsor.

3.5 Both Youth Science Canada and the Host Organization shall ensure that sponsor recognition in all forms is in accordance with the approved recognition program.

3.6 In-kind sponsorships and media sponsorships shall be governed by the same protocol as cash sponsorships.

3.7 The value and corresponding recognition of in-kind and cash donations shall be in accordance with CRA regulations.

3.8 All sponsorship appeal material shall be approved by Youth Science Canada prior to use and shall include current Youth Science Canada and Canada-Wide Science Fair branding.

4 Procedures

4.1 Within 30 days of the awarding of the CWSF:

  1. The Host Organization shall provide to Youth Science Canada details of any sponsor approaches, any confirmed sponsors and any ongoing negotiations with potential sponsors.
  2. Youth Science Canada shall provide the Host Organization with the anticipated national sponsorship levels and recognition program for the applicable year.

4.2 From the date of the awarding of the CWSF until the close of the awarded CWSF:

  1. The Host Organization shall notify Youth Science Canada of all sponsor approaches, and shall wait to receive approval from Youth Science Canada before proceeding with any approach.
  2. Youth Science Canada shall respond to Host Organization notification of a sponsor approach within 3 business days.
  3. Youth Science Canada will either give approval for the Host Organization to approach the potential sponsor, or decline permission to pursue the potential sponsor. In most cases, Youth Science Canada will decline permission due to an existing relationship with Youth Science Canada, an anticipated approach or negotiation that is currently underway.