CWSF Exhibit Hall Safety

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CWSF Hosting
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National Ethics and Safety Committee, National Policy Advisory Committee, Executive Director
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Fri, Dec 13, 2013
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Wed, Sep 16, 2015
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Wed, Sep 13, 2017
Executive Director
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1 General Safety

1.1 The safety of CWSF finalists and visitors is a prime consideration. Appropriate precautions must be taken to prevent the possibility of personal injury, property damage and the legal action that may result from unplanned and unwanted incidents.

2 Special Occasion Permit

2.1 To ensure displays will meet requirements of local fire authorities and/or national or provincial fire codes, information concerning the event should be provided to the local fire authority seeking approval for a special occasion permit.
2.2 The Organizing Committee shall identify the following minimum fire/safety requirements at each site to be adhered to at the event, well in advance of the selected date. Typical information required for approval includes:
a) An emergency plan for the building drawn up under Section 2-8 of the National Fire Code is posted.
b) Supervisory staff and volunteers in charge of the event will be instructed on emergency procedures to be used in case of fire including:
(i) Sounding the alarm.
(ii) Notifying the fire department.
(iii) Provisions for access for fire fighting.
(iv) Instructing occupants on evacuation procedures.
(v) Confining, controlling, and extinguishing a fire.
c) The occupant load permitted in the assembly area is posted.
d) Aisles leading to exit doors shall be kept free of obstructions and;
(i) Have a minimum clear width of at least 1.1 metres (44 inches) to single exits.
(ii) Have a minimum clear width of at least 2.25 metres (88 inches) to double doors.
(iii) Exit signs must be unobstructed and clearly visible.
e) No open flames or hazardous chemicals will be permitted in the festival area.
f) Smoking will be prohibited in the festival area.
g) Participants will receive a copy of the safety regulations.

3 Fire Safety

3.1 The National and/or provincial fire codes specify that the Organizing Committee shall ensure that a fire extinguisher bearing the ULC rating 2A is provided and maintained for every 279 square metres (3000 square feet) of exhibit area.
a) Travel distance to each fire extinguisher shall not exceed 25 metres.
b) Access to fire extinguishers shall be kept free of obstruction.
3.2 The festival hall layout shall minimize long rows, using breaks to reduce the possibility of horizontal flame spread. 
3.3 Smoking shall not be permitted in the festival area.
3.4 Wooden matches with all-surface strikes are prohibited.
3.5 Packing material shall not be stored under tables or in the festival hall.

4 Seating

4.1 In an assembly or ceremony area, seating shall be set up in such a manner that the distance of travel to an exit door by an aisle shall not be greater than 30 metres.
4.2 Seating shall be arranged such that the horizontal distance between rows (i.e., from the front of a chair to the rearmost part of the chair ahead) is not less than 40 centimetres (16 inches).

5 Electrical Safety

5.1 The Organizing Committee shall ensure that a ground-fault interrupter for electrical leaks and faults is installed on the main electrical panel serving the exhibit area.
5.2 Electrical cords shall have a 3-wire conductor with ground and must be CSA approved and in good repair.
5.3 Power bars, lighting and other electrical devices shall be CSA approved. Any modification to an electrical device negates the CSA approval and the device must not be used.
5.4 The length of electrical cords shall be kept to a minimum and shall not cross aisles or other public pathways.
5.5 Electrical supply to the exhibits shall be disconnected when the display area is closed.