1. Organization & Governance
Policy Number: 
Policy Section: 
Legislative Framework
Approved by: 
Board, Members
Date Approved: 
Sat, May 22, 2004
Date Effective: 
On approval of the Registrar
Date Last Amended: 
Fri, Dec 5, 2008
Date of Next Review: 
Tue, Dec 5, 2017

1. Constitution

1.1 The name of the Corporation is “Youth Science Canada/Sciences jeunesse Canada”, as amended in its Supplementary Letters Patent (December 5, 2008).

1.2 The objects of the Corporation are as stated in its Letters Patent (March 28 1966) and are:

  1. To assist the scientific and teaching professions in their active support of scientific progress and education among young people in Canada;
  2. To coordinate extracurricular activities of Canadian youth in science and technology;
  3. To encourage young people in Canada to consider lifetime vocations in science and technology and to stimulate their minds to a better understanding of the role of these fields in national and international affairs; and
  4. To do all such things as are necessary, useful or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

1.3 The head office of the Corporation shall be located as stated in the Bylaws.

1.4 The activities of the Corporation shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its Members and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.

1.5 The Directors of the Corporation shall serve without remuneration, and no Director shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from his or her position; provided that a Director may be paid reasonable expenses incurred by him or her in the performance of his or her duties in accordance with the Corporation’s policies relating to reimbursement of expenses.

1.6 Upon the dissolution of the Corporation and after the payment of all debts and liabilities, the Corporation’s remaining property shall be distributed to such charitable organization or organizations, carrying out their activities in Canada, as the Board of Directors may determine prior to dissolution.

1.7 This Constitution may only be amended by a Special Resolution of the voting members present in person or by proxy at an annual or special meeting duly called for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

1.8 Any change to the objects of the Corporation shall only come into effect upon the acceptance of such changes by the Registrar, in the form of preparation and registration of Supplementary Letters Patent.

1.9 This Constitution was ratified by a Special Resolution of the Members of the Corporation at a meeting of Members duly called and held on May 22, 2004.

1.10 The change of name from Youth Science Foundation Canada/Fondation sciences jeunesse Canada to Youth Science Canada/Sciences jeunesse Canada was ratified by a Special Resolution of the Members of the Corporation at a meeting of Members duly called and held on November 29, 2008.