RSF Ethics Committee

We encourage each Regional Science Fair to form an Ethics Committee of between one and three people, who will become familiar with the ethical and legal issues. Ideally, at least one member of the committee should have a background in health care such as a nurse, occupational therapist or medical doctor, and one in the care of animals such as a veterinarian. All Regional Science Fairs should adopt a rule similar to the following: All projects that require the participation of humans or the use of animals, must be reviewed before experiment starts to educate the young scientist in the issues involved, and to ensure that the project meets the Youth Science Canada rules for science fairs. This will ensure that in most cases, appropriate guidance is provided before experimentation begins, and that the Chief Judge is not often faced with a project that is in serious violation of the rules.

Regional Science Fairs, but not individual students,  may make a Request for Advice or a Ruling to the National Ethics and Safety Committee