CWSF Judging Advisory Panel (CJAP)

Policy Number: 1.3.3
Policy Section: Committees
Approved by: National Judgng Committee, Executive Director
Date Approved: 1 Sep 2011
Date Effective: Immediately
Date Last Amended: 6 July 2015
Date of Next Review: 1 Aug  2018
Contact: National Judge in Chief

1 Introduction

1.1 The CWSF Judging Advisory Panel (CJAP)  is responsible for mentoring all incoming CWSF Chief Judges Recruitment and their Deputies from appointment until the conclusion of their CWSF.  

1.2  The CWSF Judging Advisory Panel is a sub-committee of the National Judging Committee.

2 Membership

2.1 This sub-committee of NJC will consist of:

  1. Members of NJC.
  2. Incoming CWSF Chief Judges Recruitment.
  3. Incoming Deputy CWSF Chief Judges Recruitment.
  4. Past YSC National Judge in Chief (1 year position, may be re-appointed).
  5. Others invited by the Chair (1 year position, may be re-appointed).

2.2 The Chair of the CJAP is the YSC National Judge in Chief.

2.3  The Committee is dissolved shortly after the end of each CWSF.  The new members are then appointed for the following year.

3 Meetings

3.1 The CJAP will meet in person at the CWSF, and monthly by teleconference during the year as required. 

4.  Attending each CWSF

4.1 Members of CJAP are expected to attend all the CWSFs from the time of appointment to their own CWSF. It is preferable to spend the full 7 days at each CWSF. If this is not possible, the minimum time requirement is two days prior to judging day to the end of the debriefing meeting of the CJAP. The cost of attending each CWSF is the responsibility of the respective host committees.

5 Responsibilities

While in attendance at each CWSF, all future Chief Judges Recruitment and their Deputies are expected to:
  1. facilitate the preparation of materials for the judges.
  2. attend and participate in the judges’ orientation session(s).
  3. serve as a judge (preferably as a team captain).
  4. attend the CJAP planning and debriefing meeting.