Identifying Smells

Description of the Project.

Can subjects identify smells without seeing the object? This experiment asked subjects to smell small canisters that held oil-based fragrances, such as, peppermint, apple cinnamon, eucalyptus, cranberry and orange. They had ten seconds to smell the oil based fragrances and identify the smell. If they correctly identified the smell, a "Yes" was recorded on the tally sheet. If they did not correctly identify the scent a "No" was recorded.


This project involves the participation of humans, so that informed consent is required.  Please consult this web site: for a description on how to do this.  This is important, because some people are susceptible to certain smells, so that perfume is banned in some hospitals for example.  The Ethics Committee has agreed that this investigation does not violate the ban on ingestion projects.  This project is approved for display at the Regional Science Fair and the Canada Wide Science Fair.