The Effects of Multitasking on Learning

Description of the Project

This project looks at the effects of multitasking on the learning process. This would be an extremely low risk project,as participants simply have to listen to an audio file(8 minute 30 second length) while(or after) playing a video game for 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Participants would then be asked to fill out a test sheet on the audio file. Participants would have no risks. Participants information would be kept anonymous and be presented anonymously at the fair.



Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Youth Science Canada Ethics Committee.  The documentation is complete, and well documented. We have only one change we would like you to make.  You propose to give those who score well a small reward, which in a separate email you describe as "a coupon, small gift card, a trinket, or similar".  It is not appropriate to offer rewards in the context of this kind of experiment.  A simple "Thank you for participating" would be appropriate for all.  With this single modification, we are please to tell you that your project is eligible for exhibit at the Regional Science Fair.