Dog Saliva

Description of the Project

I have students working on a project where they are testing to see if dog saliva can help inhibit the growth of e-coli bacteria.  They are not using any tissue per sec... just saliva.  The dogs are not being experimented on, nor are they confined in any way or being stressed in any way.  We are not sure how this fits in with the Use of Animals in Research policy.  Can you please advise how to proceed and which forms would need to be filled out (if any)?


This project uses animals only to collect saliva, so this is an acceptable use of animals in a science fair project.  Please use form 4.1C, attached, to document the use of animals.

The students must also document the use of the E-Coli bacteria, so that it is clear that this is a strain that poses no threats to humans, and that their experiments are supervised appropriately.

We do not have a specific form for this.  Please provide a letter signed by the scientific supervisor stating that the work was done using all appropriate safety precautions.