Animal Case Studies

Case Studies

The case studies below summarize interesting examples of science fair projects involving animals submitted to the Youth Science Canada National Ethics Committee for review. A brief description of the proposed project is given, along with the ruling given by the Ethics Committee. Some details have been changed in the descriptions so that the original source cannot be identified. The ethical challenges described have not been changed.

Case Studies on Animals

Animal Title Ruling Year
Caribou Moccasins Approved 2008
Chickens Chicken Feed Approved 2010
  Coloring Chick Embryos Denied 2009
Dogs Dog Saliva Approved 2009
Fish The Inconnu Approved 2009
  Does Caffeine Affect Goldfish Denied 2014
Mice Amazing Mice Denied  
  Using Mice to Test Drug X Denied  
Rats Experimental verification of Chloroxoethylcaine Denied 2014