Portal Updates

Updates were made on the portal, so it is important for students to log back into their accounts to confirm their fair registration is complete. Students can log in at https://portal.youthscience.ca/login

Login To create a student account, please visit mySTEMspace.ca. Non-student accounts are issued by invitation. If you require an account, please email [email protected] [email protected]

, using the same email address that they used before. If they’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and go through those steps.

STUDENTS please ensure you complete the following steps, or your registration will not be complete:

  • General Contact Information (must go in and click Submit)
  • School Select (must go in and click Submit)
  • ProjectBoard (must go in and link your ProjectBoard project – which needs to be set as Public on ProjectBoard in order for the portal to see it)
  • Project Information (must go in and click Submit)
  • Additional Information – survey questions (must go in and click Submit)
  • Registration Confirmation – the final step once everything else is complete. This confirms your registration and submits it.

Kind regards,


Niagara Science Fair Regional Coordinator