Stella Bowles’ CWSF 2017 project prompts $15 million cleanup of Nova Scotia’s LaHave River

Tue, 2019-01-15 14:39 -- Reni Barlow


At just 11-years old, Stella Bowles was determined to make a big impact in her local community, and eventually nationwide. Her Canada-Wide Science Fair 2017 project on the raw sewage causing pollution in a river near her home quickly took off, sparking interest from all three levels of government and prompting a $15 million cleanup for Nova Scotia’s LaHave River.

After learning about the 600 straight pipes that had been releasing raw sewage and fecal matter directly into bodies of water, Stella began researching the LaHave River and advocating for a pipe-free Nova Scotia by 2023! Since her shocking discoveries, she has met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to express her concerns, presented at numerous international conferences, written a book, and shared her knowledge with other students keen to making environmental changes in their own communities.

You can learn more about Stella’s journey in her recently published book My River.