Invent the Future Fall 2013 Campaign Launches

Mon, 2013-09-30 16:28 -- Reni Barlow

Canada and the world are facing tough problems. Canadian youth want to make a difference. They know science isn’t easy, but it’s important. We’re challenging them to make their world a better place.

And with nearly $1M in awards, prizes, and scholarships, we’re serious!

The Canada-Wide Youth Science Challenges target seven issues that matter to Canadian youth, the future of the country and the world – Discovery, Energy, Environment, Health, Information, Innovation and Resources.

Challenge your students to use their curiosity and creativity – and the inquiry and critical thinking skills you’re teaching them – to tackle these issues by investigating a question or designing a solution to a problem.

Real science and engineering – real world problems. If “science fair” makes you think volcanoes and solar systems, you couldn’t be more wrong!

This past year:

  • Harishitaa Prithiviraj, a grade 8 student from Truro, NS tested the potential of curcumin (an extract of turmeric) to enhance the activity of certain antibiotics and inhibit the development of antibiotic resistance.
  • Alexander Deans, a grade 10 student from Windsor, ON designed, built, and tested a navigation device for the visually impaired that uses a joystick to show direction, distance to a destination, and alert users to obstacles.
  • Adam Noble, a grade 12 student from Lakefield, ON developed a new cancer therapy that targets tumours with extremely small nano-particles of silver, shrinking their size and preventing metastasis (spreading of the cancer).

…the three Platinum Award winners from nearly 500 grade 7-12 students whose Challenge projects competed at the 52nd annual Canada-Wide Science Fair in Lethbridge, Alberta.

If you’re looking for more student engagement, deep and meaningful learning, real-world application, and the opportunity for authentic assessment – challenge your students with a project. We can help:

  • Find tools, resources and advice about the Canada-Wide Youth Science Challenges and science projects at
  • Access our inquiry-based Smarter Science® teaching resources at

Challenge projects can be entered in over 100 regional fairs, in every province and territory, where students can be selected for the national finals – Canada-Wide Science Fair 2014 – May 10-17 in Windsor, Ontario. Find your nearest regional science fair using the Fair Locator.

Challenge YOUR students to invent the future.

Download the 2013 Invent the Future Newsletter and Poster in English and French: