CWSF Alumnus wins First Place Award at 2019 Taiwan International Science Fair

Thu, 2019-02-07 17:27 -- Reni Barlow


Nicolas Fedrigo, a Grade 12 student from Victoria, BC was awarded first place in the Engineering category for his project entitled “Improving Spinal Fusions: Redesigning the Pedicle Probe to Prevent Vertebral Breaches” at the 2019 Taiwan International Science Fair. Nicolas’s innovation, which helps to prevent complications during spinal fusion surgery, also received top awards at the 2018 Canada-Wide Science Fair and European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

His technology is the first to incorporate guided, personalized procedures in spinal fusions allowing for those with complications, such as osteoporosis to receive this treatment.

At 17 years old, Nicolas has already been awarded 12 prizes for his inventions. His innovation could go a long way in helping many people.