CWSF 2019 Ambassadors Announced

Mon, 2019-03-04 22:31 -- Dominic Tremblay


Youth Science Canada is pleased to announce the 10 alumni who have been selected to serve as Ambassadors at CWSF 2019 in Fredericton - the result of a highly competitive process involving 55 applicants. The CWSF Ambassadors are former CWSF finalists who have graduated from secondary school and who will interact with students and chaperones throughout the week. Finalists annually rate the Ambassadors as being one of most impactful elements of their CWSF experience. We look forward to this year's Ambassadors helping us to deliver Canada's premiere youth science event

Austin Sawyer and Laurissa Christie from Ontario will coordinate the team of Ambassadors at CWSF 2019.

Meet the Ambassadors 

  • Austin Sawyer - BC (Ambassador Coordinator)
  • Laurissa Christie - ON (Ambassador Coordinator)
  • Nika Nika Elmi - ON
  • Jackson Weir - NB
  • Aiman Naeem - AB
  • Alannis McKee - NWT
  • Natalia Aroca-Ouellette - QC
  • Samantha Stuart - ON
  • Matthieu Trottier - ON
  • Katrina Schlosser - ON

​Stay tuned and get to know your CWSF ambassadors as we will be posting their profiles over the next few weeks.