Canada-Wide Youth Science Challenges

Mon, 2011-02-28 22:12 -- Reni Barlow

Youth Science Canada has identified seven challenges that focus on issues that are important to Canadian youth, the future of their country and their world. The Canada-Wide Youth Science Challenges are meant to inspire students to exercise their curiosity and creativity by answering a question or solving a problem by doing a science project. The top junior, intermediate, and senior project at the CWSF in each challenge will receive an award.

Specifically, we challenge Canadian youth to:

Create new fundamental knowledge based on your curiosity by asking a question and using the techniques of scientific inquiry to develop an answer.

Improve our use of current energy sources, enable the transition to alternative energy sources, or reduce our energy footprint.

Reduce our impact on, improve our understanding, and ensure the quality of water, air, soil, and the diversity of living things.

Increase our understanding of the human body, or apply science and technology to improve health, control disease, or support an aging population.

Enhance communication and our use of information using digital and networking technologies, or applications of new media.

Combine scientific principles with your creativity to develop a new material structure, device, or system to solve a problem or improve an existing solution.

Develop better ways to use our natural resources that provide sustainable sources of food, products, or prosperity.