Ann Makosinski named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Thu, 2017-01-05 11:19 -- Reni Barlow


Ann Makosinski continues to be recognized for her inventions, this time being named to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Now a second-year student at the University of British Columbia, Makosinski won an intermediate bronze medal for a piezoelectric flashlight at the 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in Charlottetown. Over the next year she modified the design to use Peltier tiles - inventing the now well-known "Hollow Flashlight" powered by the heat of a human hand - which won an intermediate gold medal and Energy Challenge Award at CWSF 2013 in Lethbridge. That year she also entered the project in the Google Science Fair, winning the top prize for 15/16 year-olds, which led to her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In 2014, Makosinski was selected to Team Canada-ISEF, representing the country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles where she won a second place award in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and three special awards.

She later used the Peltier tile technology to develop the e-Drink, a travel mug that harnesses excess heat from hot beverages to charge a phone or music device. That invention landed her a second appearance on the Tonight Show's "Fallonventions" segment.

The two inventions have yet to be commercialized, but Makosinski says she is working on a licensing deal to bring the flashlight to market.

Originally from Victoria, B.C., Makosinski credits her passion for invention with her childhood ingenuity. “I wasn’t given many toys, so I’d have to take garbage from around the house and piece together ‘inventions’ – of course they never worked – but the idea of creating things with the resources around me was always there from the start. And then I did 10 science fairs from Grade 6 to Grade 12, so I was just making things constantly.”

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