Glucose Tolerance Testing

Description of the Project.

Use the standard Glucose Tolerance Test to determine if Aboriginal Teenagers are at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes by comparing test results to known Canadian averages.

Test subjects will be given a fasting blood test using a Glucometer and then will drink a glucose drink (an orange flavored drink containing 250mg of glucose per 75 g) and have their blood test repeated in 2 hours.  Any test subjects with a fasting glucose level exceeding 8.0 mmol will not be allowed to participate.  Weight, age, height will also be used to determine the BMI of the subjects to see if it has any bearings on the results.

I live in a small community, population 400, with no access to a lab or any other facility.  The nearest hospital is 250 km away.  The actual testing will be done by an experienced adult using all safety precautions.  I am currently trying to obtain the services of a nurse to oversee the tests.  This may not be possible.  I have been in contact with the Hospital Lab and have received detailed instructions on the test procedures and any precautions I must take.

I would ask that the ethics committee allow me to proceed. I am very excited about my project and have done all the research and have volunteers ready for testing.

Thank you for your consideration.

I have also attached the pharmaceutical print out for Gluodex, the glucose drink we are using.



I am afraid that this is the answer that you don't want.  It is to tell you that the Youth Science Canada Ethics Committee has not approved your project for presentation at science fairs.

(a) This project is a high risk study in any group, and in a population with a known high risk factors for diabetes, this will not be approved.
(b)  Measuring the Body Mass Index of a group carries psychological risk for anyone in the group who is overweight or obese.  Thus this too is a high risk activity.

You can find a more detailed account of these matters on the web site of the Ethics Committee here:

Two reviewers suggested that you might be interested in looking and analyzing data collected by others.  There are many researchers looking into the issues surrounding diet, life style, and diabetes.  

We know this will be a big disappointment to you, your family and your mentors.