dimanche, 12 Mai 2013 by Reni Barlow
The 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair is well underway here in Lethbridge, Alberta! A warm welcome to all participants, delegates, volunteers, and visitors! The first day has already been a huge success beginning with participant arrivals, campus tours, project setup, information sessions, and concluding with a lively Meet and Greet to end off the day. En savoir plus
jeudi, 28 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
Team Canada’s experience at MILSET ESI 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia this past week was absolutely phenomenal! It is difficult for us to sum up our adventure and to truly express our feelings about it. There are numerous highlights, memories, adventures, photos, and conversations we will never forget. En savoir plus
samedi, 23 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
This was Tour Day. We all went to Chateau Červený Kameň, which is about a one hour bus ride from our residence. There has been a castle and large estate here for hundreds of years. It is now owned by the state, and a great deal of restoration has occurred since 1945. En savoir plus
vendredi, 22 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
In the morning and afternoon, we went on one of eight fun trips which we had selected prior to arriving in Bratislava. The largest number of people went to Castle Devin and the Waterworks Museum. Castle Devin was well worth the visit. Others went to Kia Motors, Slovnaft, Bratislava Castle, Batov Channel, Power Plant Jaslovske Bohunice, Lipot thermal baths, Castke Lednice and Cave Driny. En savoir plus
mercredi, 20 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
Our day started off bright and early. After catching the bus on time, we gathered swiftly in the Incheba Exhibit Hall and had a powwow with the Quebec delegation. Here, we planned our performance for the Cultural Evening and decided on future meetings. Patrick made our meet so much more exceptional when an employee of the Exhibit Hall asked us to leave. En savoir plus
mercredi, 20 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
After a long and arduous journey, Team Canada has arrived in one piece in Europe. By the time we got off the plane, we already felt like one big, happy family. While our delegates registered at the Druzba, we played a giant game of super-mega-ninja-destruction outside of our residence. En savoir plus
mardi, 19 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
We arrived safely in Bratislava yesterday. We settled in at the residence, had dinner, and had everyone in their rooms by 10:00 pm.  This was easy since we had all been up for more than 30 hours by then. Today we had breakfast, took the 15 minute bus ride to the arena, and set up all the projects. En savoir plus
lundi, 18 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
Team Canada-MILSET has safely arrived in Paris and is curently waiting for two hours to board our plane to Vienna. En savoir plus
vendredi, 15 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
Vingt-sept élèves, cinq délégués et le Directeur exécutif font leurs derniers préparatifs pour Bratislava.  Nous nous attendons à rencontrer plus de 1000 étudiants provenant de 60 pays avec lesquels d'explorer notre enthousiasme pour la science. Nous allons en apprendre un peu de leur culture, et se faire des amis qui durent toute une vie. En savoir plus


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