Tour Day and Night on the Town

Wed, 2017-05-17 23:04 -- Jessie MacAlpine

Now that judging has officially ended, the finalists and delegates woke up bright and early to begin their exploration of Saskatchewan on a variety of different tours. Thanks to the hard work of the local host team, there was an incredible variety of tours available for the students. Some groups travelled to Saskatoon to see the Canadian Light Source, Canada’s brightest light and experimental physics facility at the University of Saskatchewan. Others travelled to Moose Jaw and got the opportunity to explore 15 Wing, the location of Canada’s military pilot training and the Canadian Air Forces Snowbirds military air demonstration team. Beyond that, tours visited the Subsurface Geological Lab, the RCMP Heritage Centre and the Western Development Museum. It was a fun day filled with history, culture, exploration and of course, science!

After returning from their various prairie adventures, finalists and delegates were given the chance to explore Regina as part of their ‘Night on the Town.’ Regions hopped on buses to head to downtown, try some of the local restaurants and take in some of the sights and sounds of Regina.

Tomorrow is going to be an incredibly busy day, including public viewing, the STEAM event and the U R a Scientist sessions. Finalists will get the opportunity to share their research with the public and learn more about the incredible research being conducted at the University of Regina. For members of the public interested in visiting the Canada-Wide Science Fair, please visit to find information on timing and location of the events. As well, download the CWSF app for more information and an interactive listing of all finalists and their projects.

Today’s fun fact about Saskatchewan was actually the location of one of today’s tours! The University of Saskatchewan is home to the Canadian Light Source, Canada’s first and only synchrotron. It produces an extremely bright source of light that can probe the structure of matter.

And to thank you for reading about Day 3 at CWSF 2017, the game code for today is fracture86.