CWSF 2017 Day 1: Ready, set, go!

Mon, 2017-05-15 22:53 -- Jessie MacAlpine

Today marked the first official day of the Canada-Wide Science Fair! This morning finalists set-up their project in the exhibit hall in preparation for judging day tomorrow. Then in the afternoon, finalists and delegates divided to go to their separate orientations before some free time and relaxation. In the evening, finalists and delegates headed to the Callie Curling Club for the Opening Ceremony and Banquet to officially launch the start of CWSF 2017. Over a dinner of BBQ chicken, ribs and baked potatoes, the finalists continued to mingle and make new friends, excitedly discussing the week ahead. The evening kicked off with the flag bearing ceremony, followed by a prayer from Elder Starblanket and then opening greetings from the local host team co-chair Jim Jo. While eating, finalists and delegates were serenaded by a local band. Now, having returned to the residence, finalists are off to bed in anticipation of the long day of judging tomorrow.

On that note, as you spend the evening finishing up last minute preparations, here a few tips for a successful judging day:

1.       Make a good first impression by dressing neat and being polite.

2.       Keep your energy up by eating breakfast and staying hydrated.

3.       Be confident! Remember you are the expert of your project.

4.       Remember to stay at your project as the official photographer will be coming to take your photo.

5.       Relax and have fun, the ultimate prize is being able to experience the incredible week ahead.

Today’s fun fact about Saskatchewan involves an article of clothing we all love: hoodies! In Saskatchewan they call hoodie sweaters “bunnyhugs.” So if you get chilly this evening, don’t forget to put on your bunnyhug! And if you’ve made it this far through the post, congratulations, here is the game code for today: contacts12. Check out some of the photos from today below and have a great night’s rest before judging. Best of luck to all finalists and remember to have fun!