Biosafety Posters

Public Health Agency of Canada | Agence de la santé publique du Canada is responsible for Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity. They have published a set of posters for schools, which are available below. These give basic safety precautions which should be followed whenever students are doing projects on any biological material that could potentially harm humans or animals. More details can be found in the document Containment Level 1 Physical Design and Operational Practices.


  1. What is Biosafety
  2. Biosafety in Action
  3. What is Biosecurity
  4. Biosafety in the Laboratory
  5. Minimize Aerosol Hazards
  6. Containment Level 1 Physical Design and Operational Practices.


  1. Qu’est-ce que la biosécurité
  2. Biosecurite en action
  3. Qu’est-ce que la biosûreté
  4. Biosécurité dans le laboratoire
  5. Réduire le rique de formation daérosols
  6. Niveau_de_confinement_1_conception_physique_et_pratiques_opérationnelles

Containment Levels

Research involving biological material must be done in one of four Containment Levels. School students can only work on projects that involve containment levels one or two. They are prohibited from any project involving containment levels three or four.