Jennifer Gerritsen MD

Medical Doctor

As a participant, judge and organizer of Science Fairs, Jennifer has first-hand experience with the effort that goes into running them, as well as a deep appreciation for their value. With a background in medicine and an academic appointment, she realized how fulfilling science education is for everyone: teachers, learners, and society. She is fortunate now to have a flexible schedule that enables volunteer work in addition to Science Fair. Jennifer is active in other community events that encourage creativity, communication and critical thought.

While her vision for YSC, of course, includes the continued success of the CWSF, she is keen to extend opportunities for participatory science and critical thinking to a wider arena. She believes that the initiatives YSC has taken with SMARTS and Smarter Science are especially exciting and hopes that YSC can find even more ways to inspire students, including those who might not participate in science fair.